A beige candle wrapped in clear plastic with a black and white checkered ribbon sits on a white wooden table. The label reads "MyHomeDecor.ca Special - Country Affair Candle" and features decorative foliage. An upholstered chair and a ceramic vase are visible in the background, evoking a cozy atmosphere.

Special - Country Affair Candle


Country Affair Candle for the CHUS Foundation’s Défi sportif challenge! 

''The CHUS Foundation’s Défi sportif challenge is the perfect opportunity to rise up to your potential on several levels: an ideal project to combine passions and values, self-worth and charity, travelling and challenges... At every edition, participants go on an adventure somewhere in the world not only to tackle a sporting challenge, but also for charitable objectives.''

Unique Set | Only one available

Fragrance : Lake Side


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