A lit **Medium Soy Candle - Pineapple, Peach & Coriander** by **MyHomeDecor.ca** in a clear glass jar sits on a marble surface. The candle label reads "Ananas Pêche coriandre," indicating the scent is pineapple, peach, and cilantro. A white fabric is softly draped in the background.

Medium Soy Candle - Pineapple, Peach & Coriander


The Pineapple, Peach & Coriander Soy Candle beautifully combines juicy pineapple, silky peach and the freshness of cilantro. This perfectly fruity candle creates an intoxicating blend that perfumes rooms with sweet and herbal notes.

Soy candle 212 ml : burns an average of 50 hours.


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