Islay Tartan Wool Crossbody Bag - Wallace


The Islay tartan crossbody bag is the ideal accessory when you have your hands full on the go. Crafted from deluxe merino wool, the Islay bag has a spacious interior with plenty of pockets to organize your daily essentials with ease.

Keep your cellphone, wallet, and other personal items secure with brass hardware, inside storage and front snapped pocket.

The Wallace Tartan, based on the red and black checkered Rob Roy Tartan, is one of the most widely seen patterns today. It originated in the early 1820s when Wilson’s of Bannockburn, the foremost tartan manufacturer of the era, first began to attribute setts to specific families.

Dimensions : 8.6″x 9.8″x0.39" / 22cm x 25cm x 1cm, 16.9"/ 43cm strap


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