The Top 3 Popular Trends For 2023!

The Top 3 Popular Trends For 2023!

We’ve opted for cozy and comfort for the past two years and 2023 announces a wave of changes, with completely different directions in home decor.

A breeze of renewal is blowing through our interiors, bringing with it more colorful, playful accessories, timeless material combinations and rounder shapes. We are looking to reinvigorate our living space and let positivism enter our daily lives.

Discover all the top trends to transform your home in this new year!

1- Biophilic Decors, Or When Nature And Decoration Merge Into One.

In 2023, vegetation will have a special place in our home, from the bedroom to the living room, including the kitchen. The boundary between humans and nature is disappearing and we’ll be recreating a connection between the two spheres.

Whether you have a green thumb or you opt for artificial plants, think about bringing vegetables in your home.

We’ll also want to incorporate natural materials, like wood or rattan for example, with wall frames, flower arrangements in a metal vase, a plant in a wicker planter or even essential oil with conifer or lavender fragrance.

You don’t have to become a gardener, you can also use materials, furniture or items inspired by nature, whether it’s a decorative poster, a frame or a cushion with floral motifs, we want to bring a breath of fresh air into our homes.

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Wood accents and artificial greeneries are all over your interior decor this year 2023

Our Favorite Accent : The Dark Wood

All the experts agree on this point: the favorite material of 2023 is definitely dark wood. It can be combined with noble materials such as marble and stone. We are looking for a distinguished, timeless, and/or, raw effect to reflect once again, the splendor of nature with some imperfect designs. 

Whether for a kitchen island, a bench or simply in the choice of frames, we will create comfortable spaces.

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Wood accents and decorations all over your home for 2023.

2- Bring Your Colors Into Your Decor!

We’ll once again find inspiration from nature in our choices of colors. Ocean blues, or even sage and emerald greens. Everything to obtain a refreshing and stimulating effect. 

Blue remains the predominant color, and comes in an impressive palette: indigo blue, navy blue, turquoise blue, and so much more.

We like the calming effect of a sea trip, which will remind us of the sound of the waves and the sea wind. So we can choose Mediterranean inspirations, whether it’s through simple objects like patterned plates, cushions, a throw on the couch or through more important elements like a complete wall repainted.

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Blue home decorations are really trendy for 2023.

For your walls, you can opt for a wallpaper that can be removed. It’s easy to use, and it comes in a lot of patterns. If you prefer to paint, we carry popular brands such as SICO and Benjamin Moore. Come see us for more advice at 2, St-Onge Road, in Richmond. 

3- Curves Are Back! 

We need positivism in this new year and we can feel it even in the decoration. We’re choosing some rounded furniture and wall frames, vases, centerpieces, arched openings and curved kitchen islands. As in the 80’s, round corners and bowed shapes are becoming very popular again! We love it and we’re going with this kind of trend for 2023.

Pick spherical decorating accessories to add accents to your room such as oval cushions, round vases or even circular trays placed on your sideboard.

You can choose to paint an arch as a decorative element to highlight an object, whether it’s a dresser, bed, changing table or even a bar area.

In the bedroom, office or living room, prefer furniture with arched corners like a sofa, side table or TV stand. Embellish these furnishings with a round clock, log coasters or a table lamp with a circular base.

Hang a pot holder in the living room, a chandelier-style light fixture or even a spherical wall shelf.

Place oval frames in the hallway, a mirror and a clock in the lobby and you’re done.

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Round home decorations and arch are a popular decorating trend for 2023.

2023 is welcoming the energy and oxygen of nature to take over our interiors. As you may have noticed, the key word is positivism! 

We find it in our choice of materials, in our decorating accents, in vibrant colors and in natural fabrics. We are looking for the need for freedom and renewal. And we know that any change starts with our living space!

So, it’s time to revamp your interior and create your positive energy bubble!

Happy New Year 2023!!!