Find the perfect Mother's Day gift 💞

Find the perfect Mother's Day gift 💞

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Do you already have an idea of what you'd like to give her for the occasion? Whether it's a decorative item, a practical or personalized gift, we've got plenty of original gift ideas to surprise your beloved mom. 

Discover our list of perfect gifts for her!


1- Home fragrances & scented candles

Whether your mom prefers floral scents like lavender or sweet ones like vanilla, you'll be able to find the right fragrance for her among our wide range of jar candles and scented sprays. 

A gift that's consumed slowly, you'll be sure to leave a lasting impression! What's more, our soy wax candles are made in Ontario and Quebec. A unique, local gift that's sure to please.

Surprise your mom with the best mother's day gift ideas this weekend.

2- Art or decorative objects that will remind her of you every day 

Give your mother a work of art that suits her personal taste and can add a touch of elegance to her home. Sculptures, paintings and photographs are all possible choices. 

Farmhouse-style frames or decorations fit in perfectly with the trends of 2023 and make ideal gifts. 

Let us show you our favorites from our online boutique.

Pink gift ideas for the best mom, celebrate in style mother's day this year!

3- Animal lovers

Does your mother love horses, farm animals, birds, butterflies or cats? We've got plenty of items to win her heart! Whether it's an adorable trinket, a picture frame, a painting or even a flower pot in the shape of her favorite animal, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our online boutique! 

If your mom is an animal lover, she will love our farm life gift ideas for a perfect farmhouse mother's day.

4 - Flowers & Vases

Vases are versatile decorative objects that can be used to display flowers, branches or dried herbs. Choose a vase that suits your mother's personality and decorating style.

A floral arrangement is a perfect accompaniment to this gift. This idea will add a touch of color to her décor and remind her of you.

Faux plant, artificial flower bouquet and a vase or a planter are the best mother's day gift ideas ever because they last a lifetime.

Ultimately, choosing a gift for Mother's Day boils down to choosing a present in line with her tastes, hobbies and likes. You want to choose a timeless object that will be part of her décor for many years to come, and remind her of the day.

Get your hands on that little something special in our online boutique at or drop by our store for personalized advice!