Fall Is Here | 5 Decorating Tips For a Successful Autumn

Fall Is Here | 5 Decorating Tips For a Successful Autumn

Welcome Fall in style with some brand new home decoration accents. Here's 5 decorating tips for a successful autumn.

  1. House Porch Decoration

Decorate your porch for Fall Season or Halloween with some brand new decorations from My Home Decor.

Give your porch an autumn look with some pumpkins, wood items and lanternsMetal and wooden lanterns, with their timeless look, give a warm touch to your decor.

Want more? Why not add a little bit of floral accent, like some artificial flowers in a farmhouse-type metal pot or in a wooden basket.

A house where Fall will be welcomed with warmth and style !

Find all our autumn novelties for your entrance porch right here.

      2. Centerpiece

3 Centerpiece Ideas For Fall

Simple and elegant; centerpieces are your best friends for a trendy decor this cozy season!  With many layouts, possibilities are endless. 

As simple as a milk pot, with some branches, and neutral-colors artificial flowers, pampas or cotton rods. This will be enough to give warmth and love to your decor.  In addition, you can display some candles and real (or fake) pumpkins too.

There are a plenty of ways to create them, just let your imagination goes with the flow and find all you need in this collection.

      3. Cozy fall 

Cozy Fall Decor - Sweater Weather

There is nothing more pleasant like a cool evening with a good book, all wrapped up in a beautiful and comfortable plaid throw.

Do it with style with some cushions in shades of beige and brown, a cozy tray with candles on your living room table as well as a farmhouse-style basket full of pumpkin next to it. 

Enjoy your new set up with a warm Pumpkin Spice Latte topped with whipped cream and real pumpkin-pie. 


      4. Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations For Fall

Wall decorations are the best way to create a warm and inviting Fall atmosphere in your home. 

From canvas to wooden frames, passing by pretty shelves filled with accessories in beautiful Fall colors! Add some neutral artificial flowers, beige or orange candles and you will find this “Fall comfort” that we all like.

You'll find the right wall decoration for you, in this section.


     5. Candles 

Pumpkin Spice Candle Holder

And last but not least … our loving candles. Use them as a part of your decor and they will give your home a completely different environment with fresh or warm fragrances.

From the smell of Pumpkin-Spice-Latte, through a touch of cinnamon or an Autumn breeze, let them bring you to their magic universe, right here

But above all… when setting up your brand new decor, light a candle, and give a warm welcome to Fall. Let yourself be carried away by the delicious smells of Autumn.