5 Tips For a Successful Spring Cleaning

5 Tips For a Successful Spring Cleaning

Many people put off spring cleaning because they are unsure where to start. However, clearing and then cleaning a place is a rather simple task. The hardest part is getting started! Here are five simple tips from My Home Decor to make spring cleaning a breeze.

Start with the Kitchen

We all have tiny kitchen appliances and items scattered throughout the kitchen that add up quickly. Clearing kitchen countertops, cleaning appliances and the fridge are all important parts of a thorough spring cleaning.

For better organization, consider setting up small additional storage in your pantry. Fill glass jars with dry items such as flour, oats, and pasta for a neat-looking pantry. You can also use bins to arrange your fresh produce and other ingredients in your fridge; it will look cleaner, and you will have a better idea of what's in there, resulting in reduced food waste. Another tip for a successful spring cleaning is to add small decor to your kitchen space to give it a fresh look. Farmhouse decor like flowers, candles, planters are all nice decor ideas that’ll refresh your kitchen's appearance.

Here are some Farmhouse style storage and organization ideas to help you keep your home looking neat and tidy: Organization & Storage

Get Rid of All the Dust and Open the Windows

Light a candle, open the window and enjoy spring cleaning at home!

After a long winter of dust accumulation, spring cleaning means a thorough cleaning of your home. It’s important to get in every corner and get rid of all the dust. Open windows to circulate the air in your home. You can also light some candles to give your home a wonderful, fresh scent!

Clean Your Closets and Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Decoration: bird frame, artificial flower, rattan lamp, shelves with beautiful decor accents.

Let's face it, closets are the one place in our homes that never appear to be tidy because we keep stuffing them with things we don't really need. The first step toward a tidy closet and bedroom is to get rid of anything we don't use. Have you worn this item of clothing in the past 12 months? Give it away or sell it. Do you have small items that you think will come in handy one day? You can probably get rid of them.

The next step is the most crucial part: storage bins. What better way to organize your closet than adding bins and boxes in it? You'll be able to organize your clothes by season or by storing items that you don't use frequently in specific bins. Check out all of My Home decor’s Organization and storage ideas!

Clean The Outdoors

Outdoor decoration for spring and summer with farmhouse-style accents. Wood, metal and cast iron will be your favourites materials to look for.

After all the snow has melted, you sometimes find yourself with old leaves, sticks and dirt laying around in your outdoor space. It's always a good idea to sweep with your broom to get rid of all that dirt. If you have patio furniture, cleaning it and removing the coating of filth that has developed after the snow has melted is also generally a good idea.

After the last frosts, you can take your plants out and drop your pretty pots here and there to spruce up your exterior. Add a pop of color with throw pillows, bird feeders and more. Discover what we have to make your exterior more welcoming on our online store.

Add New Decor All Around Your Home

After a thorough spring cleaning, it’s always a great idea to spice up your home decor with new items. Think about adding new planters all around your house, some colourful flowers and maybe new wall art! Here are some My Home Decor ideas you’ll love:

This beautiful artificial flower collection to brighten up your home: Greenery & Flowers

Pots and planters that you can place everywhere in your home: Pots & Planters

Candles and accessories to bring a fresh scent yo your home: Candles & accessories

Get a new room spray to give your home interior a fresh scent for Spring.

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